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Merola Films Name: The God Cells: A Fetal Stem Cell Journey
Summary: Documentary on Fetal Stem Cell Therapy by Eric Merola
Language: English
Time: 1:32

tv2oj Name: Feature with Mr. Jacob Schatz-Jakobsen. Danish television company TV2.
Summary: Stem cell therapy at Cell Therapy Center EmCell has completely changed a diabetes patient's life.
Language: English
Time: 2:36



Name: Last Hope Clinic. BBC2 Documentary.
Summary: EmCell is the "last hope clinic" for patients with incurable diseases.
Language: English
Size: 233 Mb, Avi
Time: 37:20



Name: Kinder aus dem Labor. BR Documentary.
Summary: Investigations in the field of fetal stem cells. Experts' opinions.
Language: German
Size: 349 Mb, Avi
Time: 43:31



Name: ICTV Documentary.
Summary: Cell Therapy Center EmCell is the only chance for MS and DMD patients.
Language: Russian/Ukrainian
Size: 47 Mb, Avi
Time: 13:36



Articles about Cell Therapy Center EmCell and Its Therapy

La denuncia dell'editore Rocco Urciuoli: "Autismo, il mio viaggio della speranza" / Stem Cells to Cure Autism www.ilmattino.it (2014)
Bryan, the Italian boy from Aiello del Sabato, is one of those from our country who has been to Ukraine where they practice this type of treatment. 
Italian (original), also can be found at http://www.ilmattino.it/

James Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD, MD(H), FAAFP. Stem cells and autism: one year later. Autism Science Digest: The Journal of AutismOne (2012)
Though parental observations are anecdotal and not equal to rigorous scientific investigations, they are important to document the positive impact of fetal stem cell treatment on patients with autism
English, pdf, 1,8 Mb
I left for Ukraine as a Guinea pig. An article in the magazine of Danish Diabetes Association (2011)
50 year old Jacob Schatz-Jacobsen is getting better day by day after he went through stem cell treatment for his type 1 diabetes 7 months ago in Ukraine.
English, pdf, 240 Kb
Danish version, jpeg, 1 Mb
Creating the Second Life. An article in the magazine ICON Malaysia (2010)
The article focuses on the new concept of anti-aging treatment, from the inside to outside, and the anti-aging treatment at Cell Therapy Center EmCell
Chinese, jpg,  1.5 Mb
Cell Therapy Clinic of the National Medical University of Ukraine and Embryonic Tissues Center EmCell. An article in the Romanian magazine the Clinica (2009)
The article tells about the stem cell treatment performed at Cell Therapy Center EmCell and its effects in different diseases and conditions
Romanian, English, 2,81 Mb

Article by Drs. Lim Kim Leong and Pan Fan Lang in the Chinese newspaper (2008)
An article about the fetal stem cell transplantation performed at Cell Therapy Center EmCell, and its curative effects in cancer and other diseases, in particular, diabetes mellitus


Co z tego ze jest szarlatanem, jesli ratuje chorym zycie? ("And what if he is a charlatan when he is saving patients’ lives").
An article in the Newsweek (2008)

Despite accusations in a quackery, A. Smikodub helps the incurable patients. 20 years old Lukasz Lewicky suffering from muscular dystrophy assures that he feels better after every course of treatment at Cell Therapy Center EmCell
Polish (republication in the WIRTUALNAPOLSKA)


Fetal Cell Suspensions in Anti-Aging Treatment An article in the brochure "Fetal Stem Cell Frontiers 2008" (2008)
An article about the anti-aging treatment with the application of stem cells at Cell Therapy Center EmCell


Clinical Application of Fetal Stem Cells and it Therapeutic Effects by Professor Dr. Alexander Smikodub, World’s First Specialized Stem Cells Therapist, Ukraine. An article in the Chinese newspaper “Kwong Wah Yit Poh” (2008)
The article describes the application of fetal stem cells in difference diseases for therapeutic purposes
Chinese, jpg, 1.10 Mb


Professor Alexander Smikodub, the World’s First Stem Cell Specialist, is Sharing His Clinical Experience and Therapeutic Effects of Stem Cell Therapy with Us. An article in the Chinese newspaper “Kwong Wah Yit Poh” (2008)
Through the clinical experiences since 1991, EmCell has proven that stem cells obtained from fetal tissues are pluripotent
Chinese, jpg, 1.10 Mb


Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Type Werdnig–Hoffmann. An article in the Chinese newspaper “Kwong Wah Yit Poh” (2006)
The article describes the progress of 2 year old child suffering from SMA after the stem cell treatment
Chinese, jpg, 1.70 Mb


An article in the US newspaper Casper Star Tribune (2001)
Don Cook suffering from ALS can walk again after treatment at Cell Therapy Center EmCell


Geschaft mit der Hoffnung ("Business Built on the Hope"). An article in the German magazine Der Spiegel (2001)
An article about Cell Therapy Center EmCell
German, pdf, 121 kb


An Exclusive Article on the Future of Medicine. The Stem Cell Healers from Kyiv. An article in the German magazine Max (2001)
While the Western scientists are studying the potential of the stem cells, specialists of Cell Therapy Center EmCell are already treating incurable patients
German, jpg, 1.05 Mb (total)

 journal_page4 journal_page6 journal_page8
Translation of the article published in the newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli (Mirror Weekly)

Wasze pieniadze ratuja mi zycie ("Your Money Save My Life"). An article in a Polish Magazine (2001)
The treatment at Cell Therapy Center EmCell gave Lukasz suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy hope for recovery
Polish, jpg, 740 kb


"EmCell" – What’s in this Word? An article in the newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli (Mirror Weekly) (2001)
An interview about Cell Therapy Center EmCell with its directors – A. Smikodub and A. Karpenko


Cell Therapy: A Real Breakthrough into the Future. An article in the newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli (Mirror Weekly) (1998)
An article about the possibilities of stem cells and cell therapy performed at Cell Therapy Center EmCell. An interview with the directors of the center