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Letter from the patient A.E. from Saudi Arabia

Patient: A.E.
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Country: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Diagnosis:Unstable remission of chronic systemic vasculitis (Behcet’s disease) with affection of mucous coats (oral and genital ulcers), eyes (uveitis, 1998), nervous system (grade I-II neurosensory hearing loss), skin (alopecia). Azoospermia. Hypertension-induced circulatory asthenia.
Dates of treatment:October 25-26, 2012

Dearest EmCell staff,

Wish my email finds you all fine and in perfect health.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for disturbing you from time to time.

Needless to say that paying a special attention to each health problem I have touched all aspects of your center value.

Below, please find answers to your questions.
  1. I’m not taking any anti-hypertensive medicines.
  2. Ulcers in the mouth is completely healed without recurrence.
  3. Now, I don’t feel tired or have lack of energy like before.
  4. There is improvement in my lazy eye.
I’m relying on your support I always used to, along with any update about outcomes and new in stem cell therapy.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, patience and support.

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