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Patient A.S., Turkey

Patient: A.S.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Juvenile idiopathic seronegative grade I polyarthritis with contractures of the left elbow joint and IV-V right proximal interphalangeal wrist joints. Grade I joint insufficiency. Recurrent urinary tract infections.
Country: Turkey
Dates of treatment: August 2-3, 2012

Two months after the stem cell treatment, we received the following letter from the patient's mother:

Hello Valentina,

How are you?

A. progress is very good in this month also. This month she became much aware of her body and she paid attention to me, and she wanted to get dressed like me, even she wanted me to put nail polish on her nails and also wants to put lipsticks on her lips, I can share very good things with her now that is what I waited and dreamed for almost 12 years.

This is a very good sign that she is getting much aware of herself and what is going around,
also she is getting much benefit from her continuing treatments.

She is tolerating more supplements and foods now, this month she had flu but she is recovered now. Her urinations at night continue, she cannot control this urinating at night, her runny nose continued 3 weeks but now she is ok, her joints are better too but every time I start a new supplement or any treatments she is having reaction with swollen joints.

I continue with her doctors (Dr. Klinghardt) protocol and also do every treatment and education as much as I can.

Please tell my best regards to the doctors and the staff,

Thank you