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The letter from the patient U.M. with cancer

Patient: U.M.
Age: 57
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: C-r glandullae bilateralis; condition after combined therapy; prolongatio morbi
Country: Denmark
Dates of treatment: January 11-12, 2011

Thank you so much for all you did for me in your clinic. I felt very safe and think that I got a very professional treatment. You really must thank your staff.

My health condition is perfect. During the first month after the treatment my eyesight improved. I can now read without glasses, but I need a little improvement in my "long"sight. I think it will come. My memory has improved. I have started to read books again, after 6 years when I have not been reading books. My problem was that I could not remember what I had read the day before. My concentration has also improved. I also feel more alive (fresh).

Best of all is that my cancer is gone. On February, 21 I had X-ray and blood tests at the hospital and I got the results last Monday. My onkoligist was one big smile when I arrived. She told me that the pelvic bone was healed. No more sign of cancer, and my blood showed that I am healthy and well recovered. I have to continue taking my medicine and have to come to the hospital every third month for a checkup.

I know that I have not yet gained the full effect of your treatment, and I am really looking forward to see and feel what comes to me. I am so happy and relieved and of course so is my family.
Thank you so much. I will write again soon.

All the best to all of you.
Best regards,
U. M.