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Report on improvements in patient W.H. suffering from Parkinson’s disease

Patient: W. H.
Gender: Male
Age: 67
Country: Netherlands
Diagnosis: Akinetik-rigid tremor-dominant Parkinsons’ disease, stage II (Hoehn&Yahr). Stage II grade 3 hypertension, risk group III. Diffuse cardiosclerosis, left bundle branch block, no heart failure.
Dates of treatment:April 18-19, 2013

Thank you very much for your email.

The situation is as follows. In the first week after the treatment ALL functions related to Parkinson
improved. In particular, walking very much improved.

In the weeks 2-4 walking slowly, slowly further improved. A sustainable situation.

The improved handwriting is sustainable but not yet equal to a healty person.

Tremor and stiffnes due to continuation of usage of homeopathic medicines equal to the situation before the treatment.

Fitness in general much better. Memory improved.

I am going 3 times per week to the swimming pool. An improvement is noticeable, e.g. more power in my legs but not enough to prevent drowning. The target is to swim without drowning.
Still a way to go!

With many thanks for the cooperation and kind regards,

W. H.