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Feedback of the patient N.P. after two courses of the stem cell therapy

Patient: N.P.
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Country: Australia
Diagnosis: Non-nodular osteoarthrosis, bilateral gonarthrosis without functional insufficiency of the joints. Atopic dermatitis
Dates of treatment: June 13-14, 2011 (1st treatment); October 8 - 9, 2013 (2nd treatment)

...I can report that I am feeling much better in general after my second course of the therapy last October.

I seem to have a lot more energy and feeling less tiring every day. My body can also recover from physical exhaustion much quicker these days than I was even in my younger years.

I have not been sick or even catching a cold since June 2011 (my first therapy).

I have not seen a doctor for a long long time and I am not planning to do so, therefore I have not have any medical report to send you.

One thing that have not change for me after my two therapies is that my skin is still feeling really dry (I have mentioned that to your Doctor during my last therapy), especially in the winter months which can be itchy at times. I wish to have that changed (or at least make an improvement on) after my next therapy. Apart from this, I am really healthy and happy at the moment.

I am planning to come over for my third therapy in April or May next year and will advise you when it is finalised.

Sincerely yours,