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Report on the condition of a multiple sclerosis patient after stem cell treatment at EmCell

Patient: R.A.
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Country: Canada
Diagnosis: Primary progressive multiple sclerosis with cerebrospinal involvement, spastic paraparesis of lower extremities, urine incontinence.  Bedsore on the sacrum. 
Dates of treatment: May 13-15, 2014

I would like to send you an update on R’s behalf. R has experienced a miraculous result from her stem cell treatment. Not only did her back wound entirely heal over within 120 days of the treatment (her doctor told her it would never heal and could only be managed as it was so deep), but more importantly her chronic pain problems of 3 years began to go down dramatically after the treatments and disappeared entirely within 75 days. Her pain was crippling and felt like rusty barbed wire being dragged through holes in her legs, and now her body is free of pain!!!! She has stopped taking all of her medications as they are no longer needed!

R. plans to come back to Kyiv in the spring and is now trying to raise funds to come back again.

Thank you for your wonderful treatments!