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Testimonial after the first course of treatment at the EmCell clinic

Patent: H.R.
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Country: Denmark
Diagnosis: Cerebrospinal primary progressive multiple sclerosis with pyramidal insufficiency in the right, incontinence, EDSS - 4. Stage I grade 2 COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), diffuse pneumosclerosis. Emphysema. Pulmonary insufficiency 0.
Date of treatment: February 2011.

Hello, doctors and staff at EmCell!

Sorry I have not written before but much has happened in my life.

Primarily I feel good.

There is now more power in my arms and hands. I feel there is more power in my legs, although I would like to have more power in them. Now I can train some muscles which I could not get under control before, and I hope I can still train myself to become better, there is also more power in my voice and I get much fewer seizures than before.

So I'm happy with what I have achieved by being over at you clinic, and I would like to thank for a very good stay at your clinic.

Afterthought to her, the little black-haired neurologist (can not remember her name) that I have also quit with smoking! (nearly 3 months)

Sincerely, H.R.