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Improvements in Mr.M.A. condition after the stem cell treatment

Name: M.A.
Gender: Male
Age: 76
Country: UAE
Diagnosis: Motor neuron disease
Dates of treatment: September 28-29, 2015

On admission, Mr. M.A. presented the following complaints: general fatigue, weight loss (16 kg over the last 5 months), respiratory problems (difficult in- and exhalation) and low voice strength.

Patient’s family and care givers report improvements in Mr.M.A.’s general condition as well as respiratory function after the stem cell treatment Mr. M.A. had in September’15.

Five months after the stem cell therapy, Mr. M.A. was admitted to the I.S. Hospital, UAE Ministry of Health, and a range of examinations was performed that revealed that clinically, the patient was stable regarding the power and respiratory functions. A follow up chest X-ray showed moderate improvement of the diaphragm and respiratory function tests also demonstrated significant improvements in all parameters!

Consultant neurologist at I.S. Hospital, UAE Ministry of Health, concluded that Mr.M.A. had demonstrated some improvement in his clinical condition which although not very remarkable but it is unusual for a case with MND.

Mr.M.A. is planned for his next stem cell therapy at the end of February 2016.