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Report on J.P. condition after the stem cell treatment

Patient: J.P.
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Country: Canada
Diagnosis: Erb’s Muscular Dystrophy
Dates of treatment: May 22-23, 2013

Hello, my name is J. F. I came to Ukraine to have a stem cell treatment last summer and I am writing you today to keep you informed about the changes and improvements that happened after stem cell treatment. I am sorry I didn't write to you earlier but I had a few family problems that consumed most of my time.

1) after coming back from Ukraine to my house in Canada I noticed a little improvement, I noticed that I had more energy, that I felt lighter on my feet, had more muscles strength, that I could lift my arms and legs a little bit better than I used to before treatment.

2) I did  follow the doctor's instructions: exercise, keep active as much as possible, keep a rich protein diet, avoid electro magnetic for the first few months,...

3) the improvement stabilized for few weeks ( about 8 weeks ), than went down a little bit, than it stabilized again for a few weeks ( about 6-7 weeks ), then it went down a bit, and know it is stabilized for most of the time.

4) some days I feel very energetic and light on my feet, and other days I feel tired and like I have no energy, I do not know why.

5) at the moment I feel good and very optimistic regarding the treatment, everything seem stabilized.

6) I was wondering if there is anything I could do to preserve or gain more strength and energy before I am due for next treatment??

7) when would be best to come back to EmCell for second treatment?? (I came the 22 of july 2013).

Thank you so much for your help.