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Post-treatment feedback on condition of H.B. suffering from IHD

Patient: H.B.
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Country: Egypt
Diagnosis: IHD: Stable effort angina, NYHA II. Diffuse and postinfarction (2009) cardiosclerosis. Atherosclerosis of aorta and coronary arteries with stenosis (coronaroventriculography 2009, 2011). S.p. transluminal angioplasty with 4 stents placement (2 – in the branch of the left coronary artery and 2 – in the branches of the right coronary artery).   Subtotal stenosis of the posterior descending artery (branch of the right coronary artery). Grade III, stage 3 essential  hypertension, hypertensive heart (ECG), risk group 4, NYHA II. Moderate decompensated type 2 diabetes mellitus. Hyperuricemia.
Dates of treatment: September 3-4, 2013


About myself, I would like to give my observation and changes I noticed: 

1- heart or chest pain less in severity and frequency. 
2- my two arms pain almost gone after 4 months of continue acute pain,  but still pain revers when I carry heavy objects or stretch my arm.
3- I measured my blood sugar 5 times reading as follows, 15, 13.3, 12, 9, 8.1, I'm on diet and starch, sugar and animal protein control. 
4- For the past 5 years, I have not walked more than 100 meters without the above symptoms.
5- still on my usual drug course, I will continue on the same till end of this month, then will see if I have to decrease my dose after discussion with my cardiologist. My  BP readings are 138/78, heart rate was 77, 134/79 heart rate 67, 128/77, heart rate was 71 and so on.  

The above symptoms may be because I changed also my life style, but the fact is I feel very deep changes, optimistic and happy.
Thanks again.

Update on 12/11/2013:

My health is improving every second day, most important  by now I am  able to go in deep sleep not as before, blood pressure readings  at normal range.

My Arterial Circulation improved,  potency far better than before, working hours increased up to 13 hrs./day while  before Stem Cells Therapy was 3 to 4 hrs./ day,  my breathing back to normal, my face is brighter and looks younger.

Thanks to your EmCell Team I am fine.