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Testimonial of N.A. for stem cell treatment at EmCell clinic

Patient: N.A.
Age: 48
Gender: Female
Country: Australia
Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia. Seronegative spondylarthritis, associated with HLA B27, 2nd degree of activity, enthesopathy, spondylitis and sacroilitis (clinically). Secondary hyperalgesia. Nodular osteoarthritis of the small and large joints, grade 0-I functional insufficiency of the joints. Dyshormonal neurocirculatory asthenia without heart failure, NYHA Class I.
Date of treatment: August 22-23, 2012

Thank you for your speedy reply.
N. has improved with her health since the treatment.

N. does not take any other medication other than what you are aware of. It has put her mind at rest from your reply regarding the tablets her G.P. has prescribed for her.

N. says her present health is very good since having her treatment. And her energy has improved, N. says she thinks her energy has improved by 60% since having her treatment.

N. does not have any pain in her joints but still gets pain in her muscles first thing in a morning but after a couple of hours that pain decreases considerably. Before N. had her treatment the pain increased as the day.

N. says she is not dehydrating like she was before her treatment.

N. feels so much better, and her life style has improved so much since having her treatment. She feels like it’s a new lease of life which continues to improve daily.
N. says she thinks all the team at Emcell are awesome. You have given her a new lease of life .

Kind regards
Ch. & N.