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Patient V.K.S., Norway

Patient: V.K.S.
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Country: Norway
Diagnosis: Non-nodular osteoarthritis of the large joints without functional insufficiency of the joints. Unstable remission of extensive osteochondrosis, vertebrogenic brachialgia, lumboischialgia on the right, and pain. Insomnia. Obstructive sleep apnea. Unstable remission of type B chronic gastritis. Reflux. Irritated bowel syndrome. Remission of chronic prostatitis. Chronic epididymitis, moderate exacerbation of chronic testitis
Dates of treatment: September 12-13, 2012

Dear Valentina,

…As I wrote you before that I feel much better after your treatment. I have more energy and feel to do much more work as cooking, washing clothes, cleaning home. Mind is relaxed and determined, for example I did not consume alcohol at all after the treatment which was not possible for me before.

I feel to go to gym three times a week. I am not a tired and sleepy person now as before. I am in good mood all the time, don't feel and think negatively now as before.
I begin to enjoy my life with my family and people around me. I belive in slow and steady improvement of my condition which I am getting now after your treatment.

At last I will say that you changed my life, I pray to God for all of you. I will come to you within two or three months and take the blood tests etc. again.

Best Regards,