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Improvements in patient N.U. after stem cell treatment

Patient: N.U.
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Country: Kazakhstan
Diagnosis: Sensorineural hearing loss
Dates of treatment: February 4-5, 2015

Dear EmCell team,

We would like to share our updates on N.'s health progress and show his last audiometric outcomes. In his daily activities and communication we certainly observe slight improvement of his hearing abilities. After the treatment N. doesn't so often ask to repeat the question as it used to be before the treatment. N. says that nowadays he can hear his classmates talks behind him. Before the treatment he could only hear if he only faces them for hearing. His teacher has also confirmed that doesn't often ask to repeat phrases at lessons. We have also noticed that N. can whisper in communication which we never observed before. I think it proves that fact the stem cells treatment works and it gives an effect. It is not significant but certainly there is a progress in his hearing ability.
Attached file is N.'s latest audiometric test results and you may compare it with the old results, the numbers demonstrate slight improvements. We would like to know your thoughts and opinions on this test.

Now, we think of another stem cell therapy treatment for N. and would like to know whether we can consider it for this year.

Once again, we would like to thank all your team for your the treatment provided to our son. Thank you very much!