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Report on C.D. condition after the stem cell therapy

Patient: C.D.
Gender: M
Age: 31
Diagnosis: Secondary osteoarthritis of the left ankle joint (septic arthritis in 2002 with revision surgery in 2002) with grade I functional insufficiency of the joint.  Oligozoospermia (according to the patient)
Country: UAE
Dates of treatment: September 30 – October 1, 2013


Dear Valentina,

Thank you for your email. 

Here is a 1-monthly status update:

1) Infertility - sexual energy

The first and most important issue was my low sperm count (1,5 million/ml), that was recorded on the 5th of september. Furthermore due to 3 extremely stressful years, I had felt a decline in my sexual energy and a lack of desire. And this was despite of a perfect relationship filled with love.

Already within the first week of my treatment (30 sep - 1oct), I felt a change in sexual energy. Both my desire and endurance was improved. Now after a month it is even stronger and I have a desire and sexual appetite, that I have not felt in years. I also feel that my scrotum and penis has grown or at least increased in volume/power.

Since then I have had 2 sperm test:

a) 13th of october (4 million/ml)

b) 4th of november (14 million/ml) - Please see semen analysis attached. 

The fertility doctor told me that the quantity was just below the low range of normal which is very positive. But he told me that my problem now is the morphology which means that only 2 % of the semen is in the right size and shape. The normal level is above 4-5 %. 

I thought that the results would show only after 2 - 3 month and I am very surprised to see and feel the effects already within the first week slowly improving until now.

Can I expect further improvements both on quantity, motility and morphology (the most important)? What can I do to improve the morphology?

I would appreciate to get as much feed back as possible regarding the above. I would also really appreciate if you could share results from other patient with low fertility.

2) Left foot 

My left foot has not yet improved greatly. The first week I felt that my foot was more warm than usually and it slowly began to improve in movement. This has continued to improve but slowly. If my foot was 50 % before it is maybe now between 55% - 60%. 

The level of pain/uncomfort was slightly has been slightly higher than before. I think this is because the movement of the joint has been improved.

My goal is to get to 80 % - 90 %. 

3) General health and feeling

I have felt a surge in Energy and good feeling from the first day. This high energy level and the feeling of having a clear head (in stead of feeling sluggish) has been a 100 % effect of the treatment.

Please say hello to the whole team from me.

Best regards and thanks,