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Feedback on treatment effects in patient K.J. suffering from post-hypoxic encephalopathy

Patient: K.J.
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Country: USA
Diagnosis: Post-hypoxic encephalopathy. Cerebral palsy with moderate spastic tetraparesis and cognitive problems.
Dates of treatment: May 23-24, 2012

Below is a report on K.J. condition six months after the treatment at EmCell:


Here is my response to your questions. I am also inquiring about K. future stem cell treatments. Thank you, E.J.

In general he is feeling very good. Health is good. He has a lot of energy, but then when he sits idle, he starts getting very sleepy. We are considering doing blood test for hypo-glycemia.
Sometimes he has trouble sleeping thru the night.

He is still taking Keppra 2 x per day for anti-seizure. He is also taking Baclofen 3 x per day for muscle relaxation.

He has recently had Botox injections in his leg muscles in attempt to control his walking and gait.

I will attempt to secure a copy on Kieran's medical report when we see his Dr. again on December 12. I will forward that to you at that time.

Also, we are considering traveling to Kyiv again in very early June, 2013.
We would like to try another stem cell treatment. In addition, we would like to have K. go to the Dr. Kozyavkin therapy center in Truskavets. Do you have ability to help coordinate the stem cell treatment with Kozyavkin clinic? Irena was very helpful in coordinating dental treatment in kyiv for K.'s mother, R.

Thank you for your follow up on this.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.