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Improvements in condition of DM1 patient after fetal stem cell treatment

Patient: D.V.
Gender: male
Age: 44
Country: Serbia
Diagnosis: Moderate, very poorly managed type 1 diabetes mellitus.  Diabetic sensory polyneuropathy in the distal regions of the lower extremities.  
Dates of treatment: February 23-24, 2014; February 21-22, 2015

After stem cell treatment at EmCell, the condition of the patient improved. This was supported with the laboratory findings, which the patient shared with us. The following improvements were observed:

  1. Stabilized HbA1c and blood sugar levels;
  2. Disappeared glucosuria, which additionally supports the fact the disease became compensated;
  3. Improved lipidogram (stabilized Cholesterol and LDLP Cholesterol levels) showing decreased risk of development of systemic atherosclerosis.

The patient is very happy with the therapy results and plans to come for the next course of treatment.