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Feedback on G. condition after the stem cell therapy

Patient: G.
Gender: male
Age: 77
Diagnosis: Stage 2 grade III chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Diffuse pneumosclerosis. Lung emphysema.  Grade III respiratory failure. Hormone dependence, steroid vasculitis.  IHD: diffuse and post-infarction (?) cardiosclerosis.  Atherosclerosis of aorta and coronary arteries.  Persisting atrial fibrillation, s.p. ablation (2007, 2008).  Full AV block, s.p. installation of pacemaker and defibrillator (2008).  Stage II grade 2 hypertension, risk group IV.  IIB heart failure with preserved LV systolic function, NYHA Class III. Obliterating atherosclerosis of the arteries of lower extremities, s.p. bilateral bypass (2010).  Grade II chronic insufficiency of the arteries
Country: USA
Dates of treatment: May 18-19, 2012

Thanks for asking about my health.  I do not use Oxygen to aid my breathing anymore.  My last visit to my PCP he was impressed.  He said my lungs were clear and my heartbeat is strong and in rhythm.  Thanks for your expertise, I am a different person.