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Feedback on condition of I.C. suffering from cerebral palsy after the stem cell treatment

Patient: I.C.
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Diagnosis:Cerebral palsy with moderate left-sided hemiparesis
Country: USA

Dates of treatment: August 20-21, 2013.


Hello Valentina,

I. is doing well. He is finishing up 3 weeks of intensive therapy this Friday.

The changes we have noticed since stem therapy are as follows:

- I. is talking more, saying more words, and has better clarity when saying some words

- I. appears to be more actively engaged. By this, I mean that he giggles often and with much ease when someone says something silly or makes a silly sound. He has always been a happy boy, but he is laughing much more. He also has conversations with you - although most words one is unable to understand

- I. is doing better playing with toys during tummy time.  He appears to try harder to manipulate the toy and investigate it rather than just hitting it out of his way (the jerkiness in his movements from CP often causes him to hit toys out of reach when trying to grab them. Sometimes, I believe he just hits them out of his way intentionally because he believes this will happen anyway).

The most significant difference is in speech.  He is saying more words and some with better clarity.  We have had family visitors for the past 5 weeks, which is unusual. So, I. has also been engaged by more people over this time which is also contributing to his successes.

Thank you for inquiring about I.