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Report on S.S. condition after the stem cell therapy

Patient: S.S.
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Country: Republic of Macedonia
Diagnosis: Autism spectrum disorder
Dates of treatment: June 26-27, 2013
Many greetings to everyone in Emcell!

We are very well, and thank you for your question.
We apologize for writing you after 15 days because we had a lot of work, and we have already started with hyperbaric oxygen theraphy on 05 August 2013 (one month and 7 days after treatment Emcell in Kyiv as you recommend to us.)

This is our second treatment, which will consist of 40 days of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

One month after treatment at Emcell clinic S. has improved in:

1 Understanding.
2 Working with teacher at ABA method is increased from 45 minites to 3 hours in the working day without interruption. This is a good jump.
3 He eats more.
4 Sleeps through the whole night and has a quick sleep (he sleeps better).
5 He started to imitate.
6 He does not like to be alone.
7 His hyperactivity reduced.
8 Improved attention and concentration.

Thank you very much
from Bitola, Macedonia from
S. B.