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Feedback of the patient S.I. on autism treatment

Patient: S.I.
Gender: Male
Country: Italy
Diagnosis: Autism. Intermittent asthma
Dates of treatment: August 20-21, 2012

S. was treated at EmCell clinic. Three months later his parents wrote us the following letter:


We are good and also S. is improving. In particular, we have noticed that, after the treatment, he was initially more agitated and nervous but then he has calmed down and now he seems more alert, he watches TV, he has fun if he watches cartoons, he cries if left alone and if


We have noticed little improvement in speech and, until now, no improvement in school.

His immune system is improved: after the treatment, he doesn't need antihistamines and cortisone.

We hope that he can still improve.

Best wishes,

I. family.