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Report on P.M. condition after stem cell treatment

Patient: P.M.

Gender: Male

Age: 7

Country: USA

Diagnosis: Autism

Dates of treatment: April 1-2, 2013


Hi Valentina,

P. is doing very well this school year. We noticed a big difference in his interaction about 3 month after the stem cell treatment. Mid June P. got sick with Lyme disease, once he was properly diagnosed and treated he became a lot more engaged with his family and teachers.

He mastered swimming last summer something he was working on for the past two years. In September he started 2nd grade, and his teachers are very pleased with his progress. He is following directions, a lot more attentive then last year.

His reading, math and writing skills are improving. Last year he struggled to write words, this year teachers are getting him to write small sentences. He is interacting a lot more with his older sister which is a nice thing to see. 

His biggest challenge right now is his speech. He is still having difficulty retelling the story. When he tries his words are out of order. His peers are having difficulty understanding him. He is having hard time being last in line and sometimes having meltdown because of that.

We were looking for a boost in his mental ability to function from the stem cell therapy and we definitely achieved that and so much more. 

Thanks again for your service.

Z. M.