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Feedback on O.M.C. condition after stem cell treatment

Patient: O. M. C.

Age: 8
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Autism
Country: USA
Dates of treatment: May 24-25, 2013

Sorry for getting back to you just now.
I am happy about the progress of M. so far. She has been showing consistent, and repeatedly understanding of what she is asked to do, awareness of her surrounding, deeper understanding of sentences and things like that.
For instance:
When asked to clean the floor, she will go for the broom and come and clean it where the dirt is.
When at the table for dinner and she goes for a favorite plantain, mom screams at her and says "M., this is not the way to do it, remove from your month and put it back and wait until it is your turn". M. would do as instructed.
This second example is particularly revealing, since she is so found of food, especially plantain. So her obedience means that she has understood the request, and sense the vibe of her mother.
The examples are many...
Though, i have not noticed progress in speech patterns (as of yet). This calls for a second stem cell treatments with you.
Given the news on Kyiv, are we going to be able to have this treatment? I am ready as early as 20th of May. Let me know how to go about this.