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Improvements in patient H.M. condition after stem cell treatment

Patient: H.M.
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Country: UAE
Diagnosis: Dyspraxia.  Autism
Dates of treatment: December 4-5, 2015

First I would like to thank you for following up on Hamad's case and attached are the forms that you have sent. In addition, find below Hamad's progress since he took the treatment:

Date: 4th January 2016 

It has been a month since H. took his stem cell treatment in Kyiv and since then we have noticed the following changes: 

  • His eye focus has improved by 50% compared to his focus before the treatment.
  • He developed 3-4 new words but doesn’t seem to repeat them again. In addition, he used some of the new words in the right context, for example:
    • Used the word ‘Eat’ and placed food in his dad’s mouth.
    • Used the word ‘Ice’ to refer to the ice in the fridge.
    • He uses the word ‘Aish’ means rice in Arabic whenever he feels hungry.
  • When I try to read a book that contains picture with him and point at different objects, he tries hard to repeat the word that I say. Like for example, when I say ‘horse’ he would say ‘sssss’. Before the treatment and during the same exercise he wouldn’t respond and won’t even look at the picture.
  • While playing in the trampoline (bouncing stage) with his cousins, I tried to make him join his cousins in a circle and start to bounce all together and he showed interest and started smiling and wanted to do it again.

Date: 26th January 2016

We have noticed during the past week new changes in H.’s behavior. Normally H. will not respond if he was called by his name or asked to do something, this week once I (his mother) reached from work I said “ H. come give mommy a hug” he rose from his bed opened his arms and gave me a hug. This behavior was repeated 3 times this week and I consider this to be a great improvement.

Another new surprising change that we have noticed is H.’s interest in toys. We bought him a blue bird (hard toy) that whistles bird voices with a cage, he showed great interest and played with it for 2 days where he kisses the toy and tries to place it in its cage. Today he reached for a similar toy a stuffed parrot and played with them both. In fact, we think that those 2 behaviors are clear and positive improvements in his behavior.