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Report on L.C. condition after the stem cell therapy

Patient: L.C.
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Country: USA
Diagnosis: Autism
Dates of treatment: 1st course: December 15-16, 2011, 2nd course: March 14 - 15, 2014

Dear Friends!  

Hope all is well. Wanted to give a quick L. update and inquire about L. receiving another treatment. Also have a friend who would like to come for treatment for her autistic son.  

L. has come a long way since her first treatment with EmCell. But I truly feel that another treatment is needed.

Since the first treatment L. has become completely potty trained! We still deal with constipation every once in awhile. And she has had couple of accidents here and there but for the most part she is able to take herself to the bathroom!  

Sleep is SO much better! However we still seem be dealing with her waking up some nights. Though usually she goes right back to sleep. Before treatment L. was unable to sleep through the night without the help of melatonin. But she would still wake during the night and not fall back to sleep.  

L. is talking! She can follow basic instructions and answer yes or no questions! She is also able to tell us what she wants by using words. Though this is limited. L. is still unable to tell us how her day was at school. Here expressive language is still not there yet.  

L. is starting to read. Though it is very basic. 6-7 word sentences using very basic site words.

L. is starting to do very basic math as well.  

L.'s tantrums are a lot more manageable. Although she still has them.  

L. has become more affectionate! She loves to ask for hugs :)   

L.'s immune system seems to be much better! She has less illness than before treatment.  

In all there have been many positive changes... so much so that there are times my husband and I look at each other a say, "Wow, is this how it feels to be a normal family"? Even still L. is still very challenged. Speech and communication is still a serious problem. The gut issues still come and go.  But I truly feel we are almost there with her and another treatment might be all she needs to bring her out of this autism.  

I am looking to come back to Kyiv around the same time we came for treatment before. That was December.  I am hopping that the "Stars align" and we will be able to achieve this goal. Please let me know if L. will be approved for another treatment and the cost. We have a new addition to the family and the trip to Kyiv will be a monumental financial undertaking for our family. But we will see this through and look forward to enhance L.'s healing.  

It will be good to be in Kyiv to again see the friends we met there! Also looking forward in seeing Natasha our tour guide again! The city is Beautiful in December!    

I also wanted to tell you that J. M. will be contacting you about treatment for her Autistic son he is a twin and is in the 1st grade. Jennifer is my older daughter Z.'s 4th grade teacher. J. recently had heard  and seen L.'s improvements and after talking to me and researching many stem cell treatment centers has decided EmCell would be a good fit for her son.  

I do hope you are able to help this family :)  

Hope to hear from you soon!

Take Care!

S. C.


Update on September 18, 2014:

Dear Friends!

Hope this letter finds you well! Thank you for your email inquiring on L.'s progress. L. is doing amazing! So many positive changes we are seeing! In school L. has always been in a CDC class room. This is a class with childeren that are mentally challenged, many of whom have Autism. When L. started school this year it became quite apparent that she No Longer belonged in the CDC room. It was becoming too restrictive and distracting environment which was no longer a good learning environment for her.

I am pleased to tell you that after a meeting with her teachers, administrators and therapists at her school it was decided that it was time for L. to be in a typical 3rd grade class with her typical
peers! She is attending class with her one on one aid Dana who is there for L. if she needs assistance. L. is taken out of the class twice a day and brought to a special room (resource room) with a teacher who will be helping her catch up to the other students academically. As L. is functioning on a 1st-2and grade accademic level at this time.

This is SO amazing! Her progress is amazing all her teachers and those who have known L. since she stated school! Thank You EmCell!

There is so much she is doing to much to write! L. still has her issues and is still Autistic. But she is progressing and we could not be more proud of her!