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The testimonial of the patient M.N.

Patient M.N.
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Diagnosis: Anti-aging treatment
Date of treatment: December 2011

...I had really bad discoloration areas to my bilateral upper cheek areas on my face. This is almost completely gone. Every morning I see the skin sloughing off my cheeks and literally comes off using my fingertips. It's amazing! I have been comparing pictures of myself taken three months ago and even two weeks ago, and the results are amazing! I look younger today, than even two weeks ago. This anti-aging is really working. I even got told I look younger now than in the pictures. I was so happy I wanted to do backflips!

The trip to Kyiv was a trip of a lifetime. The treatment that we received, ranging from care from the physicians to the drivers taking us to and fro, was just remarkable. The time and effort that is given to each family is well construed and the result is an amazing trip with the most wonderful people in the world. Joseph goes far and beyond to make sure we are all taken care of, and makes sure all our needs are met. All the men and women we met were just absolutely wonderful. To every one of them, I am so very grateful, for all they did for us. Many blessings to each and every one of them.

I am so in love with the people in Kyiv, because they are all just beautiful inside and out. That's how I truly feel. That's how wonderful this trip really was. To all that participated in our care and health...I am so appreciative.