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Feedback on the condition of the patient with Alzheimer’s after the stem cell therapy

Patient: A.F.
Gender: F
Age: 64
Country: Norway
Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s disease. Nodular polyosteoarthrosis of shoulder joints, small wrist joints with grade 0-I functional insufficiency of the joints.
Dates of treatment: February 15-16, 2012

Almost a year after the treatment, we received the following letter on A.F. condition:


Thanks for the email. A. has it very good after treatment, she has had great success in all areas. Her doctor tested her for two months and confirmed good results. The doctor was not aware of the treatment she received.The doctor was amazed at the progress.

A. has good appetite, good mood, is more social and active as never before. She takes more initiative and likes to keep fit by cycling, skiing and daily walks. She forgets little now and then, but I do not think this has accelerated. We both believe that the treatment was of great benefit and are thankful for it and your professionalism.

K. S. F.

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