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Psychophysiological Changes in Patients Due to Fetal Cell Transplantations

Smikodub Alexander, Karpenko Alexey

Cell Therapy Clinic of National Medical University and Embryonic Tissues Center "EmCell"

In the majority of cases, fetal stem cell transplantations are accompanied by substantial changes in the volitional, mental and physical activities of patients. Subjectively they are experienced as occurrence of internal strength, certitude, hope, and disappearance of depression. Changes of states are perceived in a very pronounced manner since generally they take place against the background aggravated by disease: feelings of fear, apathy, negativism, phobias, depressive manifestations, general weakness, degradation of appetite, insomnia, decrease of libido etc.

Analyzed were 260 clinical cases: aplastic anemias (25 patients), cytostatic disease (50), AIDS (30), brain diseases (50), somatic diseases (40), aging (35), syndrome of chronic fatigue (30). Assessment of disorders of psychic condition and manifestation of depressive symptoms, analyses of emotional status dynamics, spirits, and changes of thinking, memory and intellect were carried out.

The most demonstrative were psychophysiological changes in the group of patients suffering from cytostatic disease caused by chemotherapy applied in treatment of tumors and leukemia, AIDS and brain diseases. The psychophysiological syndrome was observed in 100% cases in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, in manifestations of premature aging and asthenic states. The lowest percentage (23%) was noted in patients with acute forms of diseases, when the clinical picture was defined by expressed intoxication: tumoral cachexia, grave progress of diabetes mellitus, III–IV stages of chronic renal insufficiency.

Positive psychophysiological changes associated with cell transplantation occur in patients undergoing severe trials caused by diseases and help them to overcome these trials through improvement of physical, mental and spiritual strengths.