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Experience in Treatment of Patients Suffering from Leucosis and Solid Tumors by Fetal Stem Cells

Smikodub A.I., Snigir N.V., Radzievskaya L.V., Grinevich Y.A., Bendug G.D.

Observed were 16 patients with acute leukoses and neutropenia and 32 patients with solid tumors, among them 16 with cervical carcinoma subjected to combined radiotherapy, 13 children with osteogenic and chondroid sarcoma, and 3 children with Wilms tumor. Suspensions with high contents of stem cells of hemopoiesis were used for treatment with nucleated cells count at 50–300x106/ml, CFU-GM at 0.6–165x103, and CFU GEMM at 2.1–9.0x103.

Upon treatment, the patients better endured cytostatic therapy. Percentage of complications reduced. Positive dynamics of infection process involving neutropenia and hemorrhagic syndrome was observed. Substantial increase in the amounts of leukocytes, thrombocytes and erythrocytes in the peripheral blood was observed on the 11th and 13th day after stem cell transplantation. Despite continuing radiotherapy, peripheral blood indices improved during the second week in cervical carcinoma patients. In patients with solid tumors, the increase in the total amount of lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes, and NK-cells was also observed. Cell therapy caused no side effects.

Rezultat tretmana fetalnim matičnim ćelijama zavisi od: težine bolesti, starosne dobi pacijenta, doslednosti i privrženosti medikaciji i režimu. Rezultati tretmana, prezentovani na ovom sajtu, su individualni za svaki klinički slučaj.