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Embryonic Stem Cell Transplantation in Anticancer Treatment

Smikodub A.I.

Cell Therapy Clinic of National Medical University, Embryonic Tissues Center "EmCell"

Analyzed is the experience of embryonic stem cell treatment of 107 cancer patients with the following diseases: hemoblastosis, stomach cancer, intestine cancer, cervical and uterine cancer, osteogenic sarcoma and Wilms’ tumor. Embryonic stem cells were obtained from human embryonic liver and spleen of the 6–12th week of gestation. The quantity of nucleated cells varied from 30 to 100x106. Suspensions were administered intravenously dropwise in the volume from 1 to 5 ml. Their functional activity was evaluated according to the quantity of CFU-GM, CFU-GEMM, and CD34+.

ECS were applied at 3 stages of treatment of cancer patients:
  1. Prior to special anti-tumor treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation) aimed at providing the possibility of the above mentioned methods by avoiding of possible complications (anemia, leukopenia, cachexia, etc.).
  2. During the course of chemotherapy or radiation with the aim of treatment of cytostatic myelodepression syndrome.
  3. In the course of remission with the aim to secure the achieved results.
After the stem cell treatment of cancer patients with different complications hindering the beginning of specialized treatment, we observed restoration of hemapoiesis, increase of Karnofsky’s Index, decrease of the development of clinical complications. This allowed the patients to begin surgical treatment or chemotherapy in 2–4 weeks. In patients with cytostatic myelodepression syndrome, restoration of the quantity of leukocytes was noted on the 3–7th day, erythrocytes – on the 10–14th day, thrombocytes – on the 10–20th day. Increase of the total quantity of lymphocytes, T-lymphocytes, CD4+ subpopulations, NK-cells by 20–100% was noted after administration of embryonic cell suspensions both within the period of cytostatic treatment and in the course of remission. In 70% of cases there was noted improvement of long-term results of the treatment.