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Restoration of hearing with the use of stem cells

According to PhysOrg, scientists from the University of New South Wales (Australia) investigated the possibility of preventing hearing loss by means of stem cell transplantation.

Scientists studied sensorineural hearing loss that develops in infancy or childhood. The cause of the hearing loss in this disease is abnormal development of cochlea cells responsible for the perception of sound waves.

To prevent hearing loss in laboratory mice, the researchers transplanted stem cells to the cochlea. Half of the laboratory animals were transplanted nasal mucosa stem cells, and the other half served as a control.

According to the study, mice that were transplanted stem cells caught the quieter sounds one month after the transplantation compared to the control group animals. The hearing acuity of animals was measured by the lowest sound intensity perceived by their brain.

As researchers note, the availability of nasal mucosa stem cells allows their transplantation in various diseases.