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Improving Stem Cell Transplants with Ultrasound

For people suffering from blood cancers, transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells is often considered the only therapy that can bring cure, with the outcome highly dependent on the composition and quality of a transplant. The finding of the scientists from Lund University, Sweden, will help improve the quality of the stem cell transplant.

Current methods of gathering and preparing stem cell transplants are far from ideal. Still, it could be improved with a new method of transplant preparation that applies ultrasound to separate cells. Acoustic cell separation, this is how the method is called, is effective for concentrating the needed cell populations and removing unwanted ones. The method proved to effectively separate out stem cell products from platelets.

The researchers hope the method will help prepare optimal stem cell transplants for each of the patients, which would reduce the risk of transplant complications such as infections or graft-versus-host disease. They also expect the improved transplant quality will help better fight leukaemia cells.

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