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Cell Therapy Success in Treating Crohn\'s Disease

A new clinical trial conducted at TxCell in Valbonne, France, has shown that cell therapy can provide good results in chronic inflammatory conditions, in particular, in Crohn's disease. Patients with Crohn’s disease who had previously undergone drug or surgery treatment but still had symptoms participated in the study.

In the trial, blood cells from the patients were used to generate Type 1 T regulatory lymphocytes that can decrease intensity of the disease. T regulatory lymphocytes produce cytokines - proteins that restrain extensive immune response causing the symptoms of chronic inflammatory diseases including Crohn's. The researchers used patient’s own blood cells to derive these immune cells and transplanted them back to the patients. The study aimed at assessing how well the patients would tolerate the cell therapy and how efficient it would be.

The trials have shown that the patients tolerated the procedure well. The efficacy of the treatment was also significant, as even the patients with severe disease symptoms who had not responded to other treatments showed improvement, provided the correct dose of the cells was given to them.

The researchers won’t stop at the achieved level. Professor Forte, who lead the study, announced the "phase 2b" clinical trial to more thoroughly study the cell therapy efficacy, the cell doses that should be used, the list of chronic inflammatory disease the treatment holds promise for, and potential side effects.