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Stem cells from uterus treat mice from Parkinson\'s

Researchers informed that stem cells from uterus’ lining in women were transformed into stem cells and injected into mice’s brain. The brain of mice was demaged with Parkinson's disease.

The Yale team directly injected stem cells into the mice brain with a condition like Parkinson's and demonstrated that they were developed into dopamine-producing cells.

The command of School of Medicine in Yale University in Connecticut commented that experiments show that women with Parkinson's disease disease may serve as their own donors of stem cell.

Dr. Hugh Taylor from Yale's said: “The most easily attainable, available and safest stem cell source that can be currently accessible is the endometrial tissue. We hope the cells we received will be the first from many types that will be used for treatment of different diseases".

Taylor added: "I think this is just the tip of the iceberg for what we can do with such cells". Taylor’s experiments results were published in the Cellular and Molecular Medicine’s Journal.

Parkinson's disease is considered as one that could be treated with stem cells. It is caused by destruction of cells in the brain that make dopamine. Dopamine is considered to be an important message-carrying chemical which is involved in the movement.