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A comparative study for 63 patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) suffering from NMS with various degree of clinical presentation has been performed to identify the effect of combined treatment on the quality of life, cognitive functions, sleep and extent of depressive disorders in patients. The main group (MG) consisted of 32 patients, who apart from standard therapy underwent treatment using suspensions of FSCs harvested from the fetal liver and brain. The control group (CG) included 31 patients.

FSCs therapy proved to induce positive effects on both subjective and objective manifestations of PD by improving the patient’s quality of life when included into the standard scheme of treatment for PD patients with developed NMS.

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Sinelnyk A.A., Sych N.S., Klunnyk M.O., Demchuk M.P., Ivankova O.V., et al. Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease and Efficacy of Treatment in a Complex Therapy Using Fetal Stem Cells. // Journal of Stem Cell Research & Therapy. – 2015.