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The feedback of the patient V.A. after the course of stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis

Patient V.A.
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Multiple sclerosis
Country: Ukraine
Date of the treatment: June 2010

The patient V. A. underwent a course of multiple sclerosis stem cell treatment. After returning home, he wrote us the following:


Right after the arrival from the clinic, I stopped to pull the left leg. At present I walk more on my own. Weakness in the arms and legs has decreased, and my gait has become more confident.

In early July, I noticed that I could see better and more clearly, and I'm able to recognize people I'm familiar with from afar. In the middle of July I was able to read. My vision has been improving each day.

On July 20 I was able to swim a little, while earlier I could not.

My appetite improved.

Yours, V. A.