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Clinical Trial Shows Efficacy of Stem Cell Medicine for Heart Failure Patients

A Stem cell based medicine Heartcel shows promising results in patients suffering from advanced heart failure – a pharmaceutical company Cell Therapy Ltd (CTL) reports. The company develops allogeneic regenerative medicines and conducts a number of clinical trials to assess their efficacy, and Heartcel is one of these medicines.

Heartcel has been developed as a cardiac specific stem cell medicine. A Phase II clinical trial of this medicine involved patients at high risk of incomplete revascularization undergoing coronary artery bypass graft. The focus of the trial was on studying myocardial regeneration due to use of the immuno-modulatory cell – which is a mesodermal progenitor cell contained in Heartcel.

The company reported that an average survival period during which no major adverse cardiac events such as stroke or heart attack were observed in any of the patients was 24 months (varied 19-29 months). In other words, all these patients who experienced advanced heart failure are still alive after an average of two years – in contrast to an expected annual mortality rate at 70 percent for patients with such condition undergoing conventional treatments.

After the 12-month follow up period, the trial met all study endpoints: all the patients were alive and had not experienced major adverse cardiac events, improved left ventricular ejection fraction was observed in 30 percent of the participants, left ventricle scar size reduced in 40 percent of cases and improved quality of life was reported for 50 percent of patients.

The iMP cell was discovered by Nobel Prize winner Sir Martin Evans, CTL's chief scientific officer. iMP cells have cardiac-specific and immuno-modulatory properties thus forming the basis for allogeneic "off the shelf" cellular medicines.