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Mesenchymal Stem Cells Rescue Erectile Function in a Rat

In a recent study, the researchers have found that mesenchymal stem cells applied before injury causing erectile dysfunction can prevent or reduce the latter. The study results were published in The Journal of sexual medicine.

The researchers took rats and randomized them in two groups – one received intravenous injections of mesenchymal stem cells, while the second was infused the medium alone for sham control. Right after this, they induced cavernous nerve injury that was expected to lead to erectile dysfunction in rats.

To evaluate erectile function in rats, the researchers measured the intracavernous pressure and arterial pressure 1 hour and 2 weeks past injury and compared these to pre-injury levels. The measurements showed that reduction in erectile function 1 hour after the injury was significantly lower in the group pre-treated with stem cells vs the control group. 2 weeks after the treatment, this group also showed better erectile function vs the controls.

Also, the researchers found that the stem cells grafted in the injured nerve and ganglia. Glia cell-derived neurotrophic factor and neurturin, which are important for erection, had higher expression levels in the group that was pre-treated with stem cells vs the group that received medium. Thus, Intravenous preload with may prevent or reduce experimental erectile dysfunction.

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