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Stem cells help treating muscle injury – trial results show

Pluristem Therapeutics Inc presented results from its early-stage trial involving  placenta-derived stem cells in treating orthopedic injuries. It proves safety and effectiveness of the method.

The trial was conducted in Germany, at the Orthopedic Clinic of Medical School of the Charite University. The researchers say that the patients receiving stem cell treatment greater maximal voluntary muscle contraction force compared with the control group six months after the treatment. The researchers plan to continue promoting the use of PLX (stem cell containing medication) in orthopedic and muscle traumas.

The treatment showed efficacy in two groups of patients treated with the stem cells. A group that received a 150 million cell dose demonstrated a 500 percent improvement compared with the placebo group. Patients that received a dose of 300 million stem cells showed a 300 percent improvement over the control group.