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Перспективе коришћења матичних ћелија за лечење аутизма

Currently available medications do not target the core symptoms of autism and autism spectrum disorders, can have markedly adverse side-effects, and are mainly palliative for negative behaviours. The development of molecular and regenerative interventions is progressing rapidly, and medicine holds great expectations for stem cell therapies. Cells could be designed to target the observed molecular mechanisms of ASDs. This review will focus on the potential use of the various types of stem cells: embryonic, induced pluripotential, fetal, and adult stem cells as targets for ASD therapeutics.

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Dario Siniscalco, James Jeffrey Bradstreet, Nataliia Sych, and Nicola Antonucci. Перспективе коришћења матичних ћелија за лечење аутизма // Stem Cells International. – 2013. – Volume 2013. – 7 pages.