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Stem Cells to Cure Autism

Bryan, the Italian boy from Aiello del Sabato, is one of those from our country who has been to Ukraine where they practice this type of treatment.  The hope was ignited by Nicola Antonucci, the doctor from Bari.  Trip and treatment cost around 12 000 EUR, and Bryan has already gone there twice and the father, radio editor and journalist Rocco Urciouli, is ready for the third trip.  “Until now, I spent around 300 000 EUR to give hand to my son, we tried all the existing treatments”, says the father.

Non-conventional treatment for Bryan is chosen because the official medicine “obstinately considers that autism is solely a neurologic disorder”, says Mr. Urciouli.  “I also contacted the assistant of Davide Vannoni, the inventor of stamina method, but decided to abandon that street”.  Mr. Urciouli also contacted Franciscan congregate Dr. Giovanni De Luca from Mignano Montelungo in Casterano who uses gel made of platelets (lately, this organization was banned by NAS (health police of Italy).

Fetal stem cells originate from late stage human fetus.  In Italy, their use is regulated by the Law No.40 limiting the research and use, in spite of some loops allowing for some treatments after the appropriate resolution of the Council.  “However, every day, me, my wife Ivana and Bryan move forward, - says Mr. Urciouli, - and we look for the new solution every day.  Now, he goes to school and does well, but until it is realized that the treatment is to target intestinal problems, not the brain, there will be no solution.  Autism is multi-factor disease, and treatment protocols used now are incorrect, and guidelines are mistaken.  It is necessary to break the dogmas and discontinue the old protocols. In Italia, the doctors consider only scientifically validated methods, and all other ways are thrown down the drain”.  This is why traveling to Ukraine has become a goal for Bryan and his family, even though they didn’t know all the details.  And then was the arrival to the hospital where Bryan received stem cells two times, to the hospital recommended by Nicola Antonucci, the doctor realizing the value of treatment obviously prohibited in Italy.  This doctor from Bari (he also has autistic child) to whom Urciouli family turned for help explains La Stampa from Turin that his function is limited to accompanying the families in this trip of hope, but not performing the treatment: “Stem cells are anti-inflammatory, key to all the doors”, he says.  However, it is still necessary to confirm that the cause of autism is inflammation.

Are stem cells effective?  “Starting from the time of the second treatment, - says Mr. Urciouli, - my son is more quiet, this is a good result.  Stem cells are extraordinary and easy to administer (infusion, with the dropper).  They repair problem areas.  However, the advances in the field of stem cells are against interests of the pharmaceutical industry”.  Mr. Urcioulu also tells about other methods applied to the child, e.g. hyperbaric oxygen treatment.  After a dozen of treatments in hyperbaric chamber, this 13-year old boy demonstrated marked improvements.  “It is also important to reduce the amount of heavy metals in the body”, and this is why Urciouly family is convinced that vaccination in March 2003 has caused the problems in the child. “This is the problem of the modern vaccines, they contain metals, and from that moment my son has never been the same”.

It is also recalled that the study that proved correlation of autism and MMR vaccine (trivalent vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella) was first published in the medical journal called The Lancet and then withdrawn on the author’s will. 

This battle of Bryan has become crucifixion for the family.  “I travel around Italy to find out more, and there are around dozen parents like me, who possibly know more than the doctors; in a couple of days, I am going to Venice for a conference”.  There are risks associated with non-conventional methods.  During these trips of hope Urciouli family has met doctors from whom they wish to stay away, like the specialist offering autism treatment with homeopathic medicines and the one in Irpinia that disillusioned them. “They prescribed medicines and treatments to take at home, and I met with private structures that recommended me to attend the center in Naples province.  I don’t have much trust into associations either: they give some money, but forget about the disease.  I am disillusioned and nauseated after these experiences.  Right now, I have to work, stay close to my child and prepare for the new trip to Kyiv.”