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Health report by family R., a mother and a son, after stem cell therapy

Patient: S.R.
Age: 11
Country: New Zealand
Diagnosis: Autism
Dates of treatment: April 23-24, 2013

Patient: V.R.
Gender: Female
Age: 49
Country: New Zealand
Diagnosis: Chronic fatigue syndrome. Osteoarthrosis affecting the spine with vertebralgia and cranialgia and without functional insufficiency of the joints
Dates of treatment: April 23-24, 2013

Report on the patients’ condition one month after the treatment:

Hello good people in Kyiv,

Greetings from New Zealand!

So it has been exactly one month after our treatment. We wanted to allow some time to pass to notice changes and improvements.

As for me, I felt slight improvement right after the second day of treatment.
I felt more refreshed after waking up as to previously, even after eight hours sleep, I felt tired and my head was heavy. So that was my first improvement!
The next few days, I felt my energy was higher than usual while previously I would crash at around 2 p.m- so my stamina improved.

In summary,
1. I feel more energetic - around 30% more than pre-stem cells
2. After a decent night of sleep (8 hours), I wake up more refreshed and my head is clearer.
3. My headaches are less frequent and so far, 2 out of 3 disappeared themselves.
4. My pain in my upper legs decreased about 50%.
5. I think that my back pain is still the same pre- stem cell treatment.
6. I have lost 1.5 kgs. I am now 61.5 kgs.

In one sentence, my symptoms come and go.

Now about my son S.:

So far, we haven’t had any major improvements. After the ten days of hyperactivity, he became more settled but is still hyperactive and has problems with stimming. His stamina has improved- he can walk longer distances that prior to the treatment. Some of his obsessions decreased, but some are still present. He can go longer periods without food. One thing we have noticed is that he is more emotionally attached with us and more interactive- he was before, but we see a definite increase. He can follow a few new instructions and he is more co-operative and much more compliant with instructions. He can sit longer in a public place like a restaurant and behave near- normally with less disruptions. I am delighted that S. put on 2 kgs! I have not changed his diet in any way am I am confident that this weight gain cannot be from anything else as he hasn’t gain weight easily for a very long time.

In summary:
1. Hyperactivity ten days after treatment, followed by temperature by pimple rash and mild fever (we are not sure if this is from the treatment).
2. A few improvements- hyperactivity decreased, following a few more directions, less obsessive with previous habits, more settled in public places, longer periods without food, more emotionally involved with us and interactive, better stamina.
3. He has gained 2 kgs. He is now 28 kgs.

Kind regards to all the team at EmCell,
R. family