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Update on the condition of a patient with autism after stem cell treatment

Patient: S.
Gender:  Male
Age: 7
Country:  Italy
Diagnosis:  Autism
Treatment dates:  November 26-27, 2012

Half a year after the stem cell treatment, we got the following update on our patient’s condition.

Good morning,
This is the second time that I write you.
First of all, I wanted to update you on the situation of my child's health.He is in constant therapy with vitamin D and GcMAF, and 'much more' present and attentive to our requests and the language improves more and more.

But the most thing 'obvious, is the optimization and improvements in the intestine;
We will see (I hope) the continuation of improvements with large doses of Vit D. and large exposure to the sun in places of high pressure like the Dead Sea and after maybe a second treatment with stem cells.

V. S.

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