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Improvements in patient R.E.A. after stem cell treatment

Patient: R.E.A.
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Country: Egypt
Diagnosis: Autism spectrum disorder.  Alimentary hypotrophy.
Dates of treatment: June 26-27, 2015

Please let me express my sincere thanks to your hospitality and the professional atmosphere.

This is to update you on the progress of R.

Significant improvement:

Sleep Pattern: improved significantly compared to pretreatment (average sleeping time is 6-8 hours against 2-3 hours before the treatment). It is noticed that the sleeping pattern is getting back to normal especially after any physical exercises (playing, running etc.).

Response: R. is showing ongoing improvement in replying to the order specially if it is direct order in clear way.

Social involvement: Sporadic  progress in expressing her emotions (especially to mother) when the mother went away for some time.