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Detailed report on M.K. condition 8 months after cell therapy at EmCell

Patient: M.K.
Gender: male
Age: 10
Country: USA
Diagnosis: Autism
Dates of treatment: August 21-22, 2012

Below is the parents’ report on M.K. condition 8 months after treatment at Cell therapy Center EmCell.

Hi Valentina,

Thank you for your email last month.  We have been meaning to write to fill you in on М.'s progress and schedule another Stem Cell Therapy this summer.

First, for the update on М.'s progress...

Note: Beginning in February, 2012 (~six months before treatment)  М. has been using the Rapid Prompt Method (RPM) for communicating.  Through this method, М. is able to communicate his ideas by selecting letters from a letterboard listing letters from A-Z.  Through this method, М. is able to express his thoughts, ideas and emotions.  But М. remains generally non-verbal.

Since our last update, М. has continued to make steady progress. The most notable improvements have been:

1)        Fine Motor Improvement/RPM "Fluency".  Before and after his stem cell treatment, he demonstrated ongoing improvements in both his rate of communicating as well as his ability to type in full sentences (i.e. 'fluency' with RPM).  While it is difficult to 'tease out' how the stem
cells have affected his communication through RPM, it does seem that there has been a noticeable, sustained and ongoing improvement in М.'s communication through RPM.   
2)        Increased Awareness of Surroundings.  Since his treatment in August, М. has been much more aware of his surroundings and has commented on attention / action from strangers.  For example about 9 weeks after treatment, we went to a local restaurant for dinner.  М. became a little agitated.  When asked why he was upset, М. commented that speech was easy for the younger boy (approximately 5-6 years old) at the nearby table, but М. was not able to talk. 
3)        Increased communication of his emotions.   Prior to stem cell therapy, М. rarely talked about his feelings.  Since his therapy, М. frequently comments on how he is feeling (tired, sad, happy, lonely, disappointed for Mom being gone, etc.).  This is a completely new development since therapy.  In recent months, М. has shared some very deep emotions about how his autism affects him and how challenging it is for him to face at times.  He expresses emotions in full sentences.  Many of his expressions are touching and  demonstrate clear, relatable emotions (given
his situation.)
                        Recent examples include:
a.        "I feel such sorrow for not being able to speak"
b.        "I am thankful for my great presents from Mommy and for Mommy coming home a day early." (from a trip to Germany)
c.        "I am mad at God for not giving me my voice"
d.        "I was sad to see the people in wheelchairs yesterday at the MS Walk.  I was glad to be walking for them."
e.        "Dear God, you said you would give me my voice and I am being patient.  But please, God, soon."
4)        Interest in age-appropriate videos & shows.  In the past, М. was intently focused on certain preschool TV shows and videos (The Wiggles, Elmo, Go, Diego, Go).  In the months since stem cell therapy, М.'s interests have evolved to more age appropriate shows including popular music videos (Bruno Mars, Carly Rae Jepsen, Rihanna, Katy Perry).   
Areas of little / no improvement:

1)        Reduction in self-stimulatory behaviors.  М. continues his past self-stimulatory behaviors including book biting/chewing and book flipping with little change.  М. continues to be very motivated for videos on his iPad. 
2)        Speech.  Unfortunately, we haven't seen any improvements in М.'s speech.

3)        Regulation and attention.  We haven't noticed any significant gains in М.'s regulation or attention when compared to his behaviors prior to stem cell therapy. 
Overall we are very pleased with М.'s progress and we would like to schedule a second round of therapy for this July.

Warmest regards,