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Improvements in patient D.L.S. after stem cell treatment

Patient: D.L.S.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Diagnosis: Autism
Country: USA
Dates of treatment: August 20-21, 2012

D. is now 17 -   however, whereas he was aggressive before he has not been at all for over 2 years.  He is relatively happy and very good natured.

His awareness has increased, and has made significant language advancements.

He does not attend school, but does get tutored at home.  Our schools do not do well with autistic kids.  He is much better than most autistic children now, but not good enough to be mixed in with the regular students, therefore we are on our own.  However, he does very well.

His brother (20)  is a division one tennis player in college here, and has always been very good.  D. has always traveled with me to watch his brother, and then I did not know if he was watching.  Now, D. plays tennis and is very good. I could've never seen him doing this a couple of years ago.

At present he is not on any other therapies, and has cut most of his previous meds.

I am ready to come back and go again.

Please let me know your availability.