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Fetal Stem Cell Treatment Trials for Stroke Victims Move Forward

ReNeuron Group is aimed at continuing its trials for fetal stem cell treatment of stroke victims after the first stage of trials proved the treatment to be safe.

In these trials, three patients disabled by stroke were injected fetal stem cells into their brains. All of them tolerated the procedure well, and in the lab safety tests and neurological examination of patients it was recognized safe.

The procedure involved injecting neural stem cells into the brains of stroke victims in order to restore damaged mental and physical brain functions. In the procedure, fetal stem cells were used rather than embryonic stem cells applied in other similar trials. The peculiarity of the trials was that the patients were not given immune suppression.

With these positive results, the group plans continuation of the stem cell therapy trials with higher cell doses. The first stage trial results also back up other therapies involving neural stem cells that are developed by ReNeuron Group.

ReNeuron is a leading stem cell business oriented at clinical application of the therapies. It aims at developing unique stem cell technologies that would be available and readily administered to every patient without the need for medication treatment.

Rezultat tretmana fetalnim matičnim ćelijama zavisi od: težine bolesti, starosne dobi pacijenta, doslednosti i privrženosti medikaciji i režimu. Rezultati tretmana, prezentovani na ovom sajtu, su individualni za svaki klinički slučaj.