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Stem cells from aging mice eggs

A new study of getting stem cells from aging mice eggs was funded by Carl B. and Florence E. King Foundation in Dallas, Texas.

Scientists of NYU Langone Medical Center have reproduced stem cells from the eggs of aging mice. These stem cells can be used for reproductive purposes and regenerative medicine. They studied how stem cells derived from older female mice eggs produced new heart cells, brain cells and nerve cells. David Keefe, MD of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone Medical Center suggested if the findings could be applied to humans, a woman could use her eggs to produce a child. Also eggs can be saved to create stem cells able to form cartilage, neural and heart cells.

The researches found the eggs from older females were slightly less efficient at making stem cells than those from younger females, although their capacity to create stem cells was sustained. A new study and the technique described could avoid most ethical and religious concerns about embryonic stem cells. The reasons for this are that eggs are not embryos, and can be used to create the stem cell lines. The following stem cell lines have the same immune markers as the eggs. The risk of rejection is greatly diminished.