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The second course of anti-aging treatment of patient G.C.

Mr. G.C. received the stem cell treatment at EmCell clinic. This is the second visit of Mr. G.C. to the clinic. After the first course of treatment, Mr. G.C. experienced long-term effects, such as substantial increase in physical and mental work capacity, sexual activity, cosmetic changes.

We have established the following diagnosis: Aging. Male climax.

  • Average blood count: Erythrocytes 4.6x1012/l, Hb 152 g/l, color index 1.0, thrombocytes 210x109/l, leukocytes 4.2x109/l, stab neutrophils 2%, segmented neutrophils 64%, eosinophiles 6%, lymphocytes 21%, monocytes 7%, ESR 2 mm/hr.
  • Chemistry: Bilirubin total 17.1 mmol/l, direct neg., indirect 17.1 mmol/l, ALT 0.40 mmol/l, ACT 0.20 mmol/l, thymol test 2.7 units, beta-lipoproteins 0.566.
  • Urine analysis: Volume 40 ml, transparent, light-yellow, protein neg., sugar neg., flat epithelium in small quantity, leukocytes 1-2 in the visual field, oxalates in small quantity.
  • ECG: Regular sinus rhythm. Sinus bradycardia. Heart rate 66 bpm.
Mr. G.C. received a course of cell therapy.

The 1st day of treatment. Transplantation of the sample 3038P179 (human fetal cell suspensions of regenerative, rejuvenating, antiatherosclerotic and vascular action), intravenously dropwise, in the volume of 2.6 ml.

The 3rd day of treatment. Transplantation of the sample 3038P83 (human fetal cell suspensions of immunocorrecting action), intravenously dropwise, in the volume of 2.2 ml.

The cell suspension samples 3038P179 and 3038P83 possessed the functional activity as mentioned above and are certified as follows:

Bacterial sterility test Negative
Prenatal diagnostic
Test with cardiolipid antigen Negative
Anti - HIV1/HIV2 Negative
HBsAg Negative
Fetal diagnostic
Enzygnost Anti - HIV1/HIV2 Negative
HBsAg monoclonal Negative
Anti - HBc monoclonal Negative
Anti - CMV/IgG+IgM Negative
Anti - Rubella Virus/IgG Negative
Varicella/Zoster Negative
Toxoplasmosis/IgG Negative

The treatment was tolerated well. After the cell therapy, syndrome of early posttransplantation amelioration in a form of increasing of mental working capacity, improving of mood, feeling of strength increase was observed. Significant improvement of vision was reported.

Mr. G.C. is recommended:
1.    To control testosterone level once per two months.
2.    Blood count once per three months, consultation at EmCell clinic by telephone or fax each 2–3 months.
3.    Repeat the course of the cell therapy in 9–12 months.