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Anti-Aging tretman

As we age, self-renewing capacities of our body naturally decline. This is because stem cell reserves of our body gradually deplete and the ability of stem cells to multiply and replace aging cells with new ones diminishes. Stressful lifestyle, malnutrition, bad habits and poor environment accelerate our body decline. Is there a chance to revert or at least slow down this process?

We offer novel anti-aging therapy using a natural, holistic approach. Our fetal stem cell programs are aimed at both the prevention of premature aging and age-related diseases, and the maintenance of youthfulness. 

When introduced into a body that is aging, fetal stem cells expand stem cell reserves and trigger self-renewal processes in all the body’s organs and tissues. They also stimulate the body’s own dormant stem cells, which improves the functioning of the internal organs, boosts the immune system, and increases energy levels. The effects observed in our patients have shown genuine rejuvenation from inside!

By tailoring our treatment to the individual needs of each patient, EmCell ensures the best results from our therapy. Within 24 years, hundreds of patients have undergone anti-aging treatment at EmCell with pronounced improvements reported in 81% of cases, such as:

  • higher energy level, exercise power and capacity to work;
  • firmer and tighter skin, improved hair structure and growth;
  • improved mental capacity, quicker thinking, better memory;
  • subsiding of muscular, joint and back pain, and headaches;
  • normalized functioning of internal organs;
  • boosted immunity;
  • stabilized metabolism, hormone levels and blood pressure;
  • better sleep and the elimination of chronic fatigue;
  • improved libido and sexual functions.

The advantages of our treatment are:

  • lack of side effects;
  • no chemicals involved;
  • minimally invasive procedure (intravenous infusions and subcutaneous injections);
  • no rejection risk;
  • no cancer risk;
  • lifetime follow-up.

Fetal stem cell administration and grafting establish a unique environment where all the body’s cells are stimulated by nature’s most powerful restorative components. Fetal stem cells restore damaged and aging cells, and make the whole body more youthful, something no medication can offer.

Facial treatment

To ensure more pronounced cosmetic effects, EmCell has developed a unique, highly effective facial treatment. The cosmetic procedures we use not only deeply nourish the skin but also stimulate the patient’s own regenerative forces, resulting in clearer, firmer and more vibrant skin after as few as 3 treatment procedures. 

During facial treatment, patients are given masks containing live fetal stem cells and high concentrations of bioactive substances. The procedure is safe, painless and there are no adverse reactions. 

Major improvements observed in our patients include:

  • reduced skin lines and wrinkles;
  • greater firmness and elasticity in the skin;
  • clearer, lighter, more even-toned skin with decreased pigmentation.

Photos of our patients before treatment (left) and after 3 facial procedures (right)

Facial treatment is a supplementary procedure available to EmCell patients undergoing anti-aging therapy or treatment of a primary disease or condition. It is offered as part of a 3-day anti-aging program.

If you would like to undergo the anti-aging treatment at EmCell, for the preliminary analysis of your case, please fill in the attached form and send it back to


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